#GoodNews: Woman Receives Lost Wallet In Mail From Kind Stranger

While on vacation in Las Vegas, Aimee Scott accidentally left her wallet in a taxi the day before she was set to fly home.

She cancelled her credit cards, went through a TSA check to board her plane, and was issued a new driver’s license. And then she got a package in the mail with her wallet inside.

It was from Jen McAnally from Peoria, Arizona, who was in town for a bachelorette party when she found the wallet on the floor in the cab.

The driver told her he didn’t know how to contact Aimee, so Jen sent it back to her.

She says it’s just “basic human decency,” but the act of kindness meant more to Aimee. She says getting her wallet back is “proof good humans exist and are out there” and says the good deed “restored her faith in humanity.”


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