Alliance Of American Football Posts Huge Opening Night Numbers

I guess you can add football to that list that was reserved for pizza and sex.

Because even when it’s bad—it’s good.

Case in point, this past weekend in which the debut of the AAF—and I gave you the abbreviation first to remind you that many of you don’t even remember what this new league is called.

The AAF stands for Alliance of American Football and—in its first weekend—it proved to be even more popular than an abbreviation you may be more familiar with—the NBA.

Yup—because while you probably couldn’t tell me a single team in the AAF, it debuted on Saturday night with two games on CBS against a great NBA matchup between James Harden’s Rockets and Russell Westbrook’s Thunder on ABC and beat them in the ratings.

And really—what’s even more incredible was that the NBA was a fantastic game that ended with a comeback Thunder win.

But it was the AAF that posted better television ratings.

According to his sources,the AAF did a 2.1 overnight rating while a marquee NBA matchup between the league’s last two MVPs did 2.0.

Maybe people tuned in out of curiosity, or maybe they did because they know they can watch both of those teams in an NBA post season that lasts longer than the AAF’s actual season.

I think.

How many games do they play... and um… how many teams are there?

Anyway—yay football!!!

Source: Yahoo! Sports



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