Teen Who Won Biggest Loser Has Grown Up Into A Sexy Firefighter

Contestants on The Biggest Loser  inspire people struggling with their weight by showing how it's possible for anyone to drop more than a few pounds . However, after the show ends, when contestants are left to their own devices and don't have coaches directing and encouraging them daily, many wind up putting the weight back on. One study in the journal Obesity showed that over a period of six years on the show, contestants lost an average of 128 pounds , but then after the show they put back on an average 90 pounds. 

Of course, that's not the case for every person who appeared on the series and one, 2008 Biggest Loser Australia  winner Sam Rouen , is proving it. He was just 19 and weighed 340 pounds when he appeared on the show ten years ago, but after 12 weeks of living with a different lifestyle, he dropped 156 pounds - and he's  not only has he kept it off , he's become a sex symbol.


Even though his body is something he should show off, Rouen still is hesitant to take off his shirt. He told The Telegraph , "I'm still extremely self-conscious. I just [try] to keep in mind that it was for a good cause."

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Sam Rouen , Getty


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