Cats and dogs probably have one of the oldest rivalries known to man (or animal).

Whether or not humans just perceive it that way, we all have our own opinions on cats and dogs.

For the most part, we have always generalized that cats are more independent, while dogs love companionship and interaction. Cats are also considered to be quieter and just a bit more calculated in their actions, which places dogs on the other end of the spectrum.

One pet owner captured these two personas in a video that’s barely half a minute long. However, it perfectly depicts the divide between the two species.

In the link below, posted on September 8, 2016, three cats lie down and stare at a bird enjoying himself outside in the sun.

The cats are silent and don’t make a move. They are observing the bird’s steps. Little do they know that the family dog is creeping up behind them with an entirely different reaction to the bird.

Suddenly, the dog jumps up and pounces on the ground, approaching the bird from the inside of his home.

Instantly, the entire room is filled with fright.

The cats leap into the air and bounce off the surrounding walls.

The dog’s impulsive reaction certainly scared these cats, showing just how different they are.

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Photo: Little Things